Spring Lake Country Club Wedding

Spencer and Kirsten choose Spring Lake Country Club as their venue for their outdoor wedding ceremony on Spring Lake and their reception indoors.   They wanted to have their ceremony on the water and under the large old weeping willow tree. The flowering trees were in bloom for their spring wedding and the weather could not have been more perfect!

Kirsten and Spencer choose to release balloons during their ceremony after reading the loving notes their family tied on to them.  The pink and white balloons were great for photos before as well!  The dock on the lake was a great setting for their wedding party photos ~ and don’t worry, no one actually jumped.

Their  love  for each other and their family/friends is evident in their wedding photos, it was a joy to be their wedding photographer and celebrate the start to their new life together! 2015-06-09_0001 2015-06-09_0002 2015-06-09_0003 2015-06-09_0004 2015-06-09_0005 2015-06-09_0006 2015-06-09_0007 2015-06-09_0008 2015-06-09_0009 2015-06-09_0010 2015-06-09_0011 2015-06-09_0012 2015-06-09_0013 2015-06-09_0014 2015-06-09_0015 2015-06-09_0016 2015-06-09_0017 2015-06-09_0018 2015-06-09_0019 2015-06-09_0020 2015-06-09_0021 2015-06-09_0022 2015-06-09_0023 2015-06-09_0024 2015-06-09_0025 2015-06-09_0026 2015-06-09_0027 2015-06-09_0028