Why are Wedding Albums and Books Important?

Your wedding day will be a wonderful blur of events that lead up to your exchanging vows with that special person then moving on to your reception with your friends and family. As the days and weeks and eventually years add new memories you will try to recall your special day. On your Anniversary you will try to remember those special moments and details.It will be then that you snuggle up with him and look through your Wedding Albums.

Yes, it is capitalized because it is that special. Together you will cherish those memories and relive that day through the skilled work of your professional photographer. That album will be your time machine, so to speak, back to that crazy, wonderful and exquisite day where the two of you came together in front of everyone to say, “I do.”

Although I include the digital download for weddings, I don’t want my clients to overlook the importance of the printed photo!  Digital images are meant to be a temporary method of storage, too many things can go wrong with digital media leaving you with tons of images never printed, displayed or enjoyed!  Of course everyone has good intentions to print, but for most the images don’t see the light of day.

Albums are a timeless reminder of the joyful moments and beautiful details from one of the most wonderful days of your life!  When all the dust settles your wedding album will be a gorgeous memorandum for you to treasure for years to come!!!

It is always hard to describe with just words the beautiful album and books that I offer.  I will include images with the descriptions to help visualize the different options.  There are three choices that I currently offer ~ The Premier, The Keepsake and The Guestbook.

The Premier Wedding Albums

The Premier Wedding Album is a 10×10 custom design album and is included in the Gold and Platinum Packages.  Your favorite images become the front and back cover for this very personalized album.  The photo cover is velvet-smooth matte and can also include your names and wedding date.  The luster photographic page designs are mounted on thick, firm pages.  The album is created from images you select and designs you have approved.   There is no deadline for clients on photo selection and therefore no specific turnaround time schedule.   They are created on a first come -first served basis.   This quality album is meant to be shared and one day perhaps even enjoyed by grandchildren!

Wedding Albums
Wedding Album for Spring Lake Country Club

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The Keepsake Book

The Keepsake Book is a 9×6 canvas covered coffee table book included in the Silver Package.  This book is created from the FaceBook preview images on thin, flexible photo pages.   This clean and simple design tells the short story of the wedding day.  I choose the images for this book to expedite the process as this book is complete and delivered 6 weeks after wedding.


Keepsake Wedding Book



The Guestbook

The Guestbook is created from the engagement images of your choice.    This 11×8.5 coffee table book is included in the Platinum Package but can also be added on to any other package.  The 20-page photo cover book includes up to 30 images.  The thick linen-textured paper pages are designed with blank spaces around images so guests can sign their well wishes at the wedding or even bridal shower.  This book makes a great memoir of your guest’s wishes and your engagement photos.  It is a hit at weddings, every one loves to look at photos!


Wedding Guest Book