Greenfield Village Wedding in Detroit, MI

I was so excited to get a call from Jessica to confirm availability for her wedding date, and overjoyed when I realized her wedding was to take place at Greenfield Village!!  Having photographer her sister’s wedding several years ago in downtown Grand Rapids,  I was thrilled to work with the family again.  Jessica has very authentic taste and had tailored every detail to reflect her personality and interests.  She papered her shoes with the pages of one of her favorite novels, her necklace was a book locket with treasured photos to name a few.  After getting ready in the quaint housing just off the property,  we were ale to do some bridal portraits.  The ceremony was old-fashioned in the Mary-Martha Chapel in Greenfield Village.  After the ceremony the guests were ushered outside.  The bride and groom rang the church bell by pulling the heavy rope before they were whisked off by a horse and carriage.  It was very hot and we had a limited amount of time, but we were able to collect many lovely, vintage wedding photos. So many unique and romanic locations at the village, from old brick factories, to train stations, to old town buildings to open fields with trees!   Definitely a photographers dream, a great vintage wedding venue!!   2015-03-31_0023 2015-03-31_0024 2015-03-31_0025 2015-03-31_0026 2015-03-31_0027 2015-03-31_0028 2015-03-31_0029 2015-03-31_0030 2015-03-31_0031 2015-03-31_0032 2015-03-31_0033 2015-03-31_0034 2015-03-31_0035 2015-03-31_0036 2015-03-31_0037 2015-03-31_0038 2015-03-31_0039 2015-03-31_0040